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    Versuri de iubire – Love


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    Versuri de iubire – Love

    Mesaj  Admin la data de Lun Iul 20, 2009 9:24 am

    Valentine’s Day is a day of love
    Where love is as bright as the sun
    We share kisses, and even a hug
    With people we call our loved ones
    Unrequited love is oh! so harsh
    When the one you love doesn’t love you
    You feel you’re left standing in the dark
    Wishing this reality were untrue
    Well that’s why Valentine’s Day is so great
    It encourages you to show you care
    It makes you just wanna say
    I love you and will always be there
    I once loved someone in this way
    And I was encouraged on Valentine’s
    I went up to him, just to say
    I would like you to be mine”.

    „ I think that I have found
    Upon this wondrous ground
    A friend for life, a love
    Who is a touch above
    Life’s mediocrities
    That blow in different seas
    These special ones on earth
    Who’ve been that way since birth
    They touch lightly your heart
    And never must you part,
    For when you see their eyes
    There can be no good-byes
    So walk this way with me
    Along this pathway free,
    I shall not bind or tie
    Our love or it would die
    I Love you my baby.”

    „ When somebody loves you
    It’s no good unless she loves you – all the way
    Happy to be near you
    When you need someone to cheer you – all the way
    Taller than the tallest tree is
    That’s how it’s got to feel
    Deeper than the deep blue sea is
    That’s how deep it goes – if its real
    When somebody needs you
    It’s no good unless she needs you – all the way
    Through the good or lean years
    And for all the in between years – come what way
    Who know where the road will lead us
    Only a fool would say
    But if you’ll let me love you
    It’s for sure I’m gonna love you – all the way, all the way.”

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